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What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator interface

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Did you know that you can easily target and engage prospects on LinkedIn? 

Well, that’s where LinkedIn Sales Navigator comes in! This sales management tool is specially designed for social selling, which basically involves leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, generating and nurturing leads organically, building trusted relationships and boosting sales. Social selling means you can effectively improve your sales lead generation while eliminating the need for cold-calling. 

For sales professionals, teams and enterprises alike, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an indispensable solution that’s integral for growing your pipelines, increasing close rate by targeting, gaining key insights and engaging with prospects. There’s no doubt that this feature has enhanced the growth of modern selling, with many users worldwide tapping into LinkedIn’s extensive member network of 675 million people! According to LinkedIn, its Sales Navigator has improved users’ experience:

  • 33% deal size boost 
  • 45% more opportunities created
  • 80% greater productivity
  • 61% of total revenue influenced by Sales

Difference between LinkedIn Premium Business & Sales Navigator?

You may be wondering what exactly is the difference between LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator. Well, LinkedIn Business is a paid subscription service which includes additional benefits to enhance the LinkedIn experience for an individual member. 

On the other hand, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is available for both individuals or teams. It’s deemed as the best version of LinkedIn for sales professionals, particularly since it has powerful search capabilities, improved visibility into extended networks, and personalized algorithms for optimal outreach. Check out LinkedIn’s comparison table for more details!

Target audience for LinkedIn Sales Navigator? 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a perfect choice for many B2B salespeople. More specifically, it is a paid tool that is available for all users on LinkedIn. There are three pricing tiers or user categories: Professional, Team, and Enterprise. Depending on your organisational needs, business goals, and the size of your team, you should select a plan which has corresponding features. Again, you can see the comparison table for the different features offered under each type of user. 

Keep in mind that each pricing tier has a Monthly or Annual price plan – luckily, these both come with a free trial or a requested free demo! However, free trials are only available to members who are not currently on a LinkedIn paid subscription plan and haven’t done a free trial on LinkedIn within the last year. 

The Monthly plan is slightly more expensive than the Annual version. Although you’re allowed to cancel any time, your annual commitment still remains effective until the end of the year. 

If you’re a bit unsure and want to try Sales Navigator for a shorter term (i.e. less than a year), then the monthly plan would be the better option. If you’re satisfied with the platform, you can always upgrade to an annual plan later on.

Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

There are various reasons why LinkedIn Sales Navigator is so popular among sales professionals and organisations. Check out the many features and benefits below!

Target Your Prospects Effectively 

  • Advanced Lead and Company Search – Find the most relevant prospects and ideal leads, whether they be individuals or companies, using a seamless advanced search experience. You can filter based on keywords, geographic location (by region or state), job title, company size and type, industry, years of experience, school, etc. 
  • Lead Recommendations – Quickly discover the right people at your targeted accounts with personalised suggestions tailored for you. These can be filtered according to your sales preferences, search history, profile views and past saved leads. This can save you huge amounts of time, helping you grow your pipeline quickly.
  • CRM Integration – Automatically save the leads and targeted accounts and log Sales Navigator activity to CRM in a single click. Sales Navigator integrates with several popular sales apps and CRM programs, such as Oracle, HubSpot and Salesforce.

Get Relevant Company Updates & Lead Tracking

  • Real-time Sales Updates – When you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator more and more, it delivers more valuable data and relevant insights on your accounts. This includes job changes, company updates, more relevant connections and warm leads. This means that when you keep searching for prospects, saving leads and making connections, you’ll get updates in your network.
  • Notes and Tags – Organize your leads and accounts with tags, and take notes that can be synced back to CRM. Notes can store your relevant information and action items on lead and account pages. For example, you can regularly track your progress with an account, or document takeaways and next steps after meeting with a certain lead.
  • Check Who’s Viewed Your Profile – View the expanded list of who’s viewed your profile in the last 90 days. In Sales Navigator, you have an extra option of saving people found in this section as leads. Here’s how you can find your saved leads.

Powerfully Reach & Engage Prospects 

  • InMail Messages – Reach over 500 million members on LinkedIn, even if you’re not connected to them. To be more specific, InMail messages are private messages that allow you to contact anyone on LinkedIn without an introduction or contact information.
  • Smart Links Presentations – Package and share sales content easily, optimised for both the buyer and seller’s convenience. The sales prospect can see content without downloading, and you get to track who has viewed whichever items.
  • TeamLink – Uncover the best ways to make meaningful connections with prospects through your company’s combined network. Through Teamlink, you can extend the power of your entire team’s network to find the best path to a lead and make a warm introduction. It displays the Sales Navigator license holders on your team account who are 1st-degree connections to the lead, even if you’re not connected to your teammate. Sales Navigator lets members unlock this information, up to 25 profiles a month. 

Optimise Your Reach to Potential Clients on LinkedIn!

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Leado is a software solution that uses your LinkedIn profile to reach out to your potential clients. It lets you schedule a sequence of automated messages that manage the top of funnel approach to your sales process. 

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