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Succeeding at Sales: An Introverts Guide

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Sales people: You either are a born salesperson or you just don’t believe you’re the right personality type. For some salespeople, being consistently outgoing even in the face of rejection and constant cold-calling is an easy task. For others, this can be quite daunting, and the need to attend networking events and make introductions is just outside of their comfort zone. While the common misconception is that only outgoing, extroverted individuals can be good at sales, this is totally untrue. Introverts actually have several characteristics and qualities that can make them just as successful as their extroverted counterparts.

So how can introverts succeed at sales? Here are some of our top tips to get sales without needing an outgoing personality.

Leverage on your skills

Introverts are great listeners. This can make prospective customers feel like they’re being heard, and that their needs and challenges are fully being listened to, instead of feeling like they’re just being sold to all the time. Some of the most successful salespeople can be softly spoken, pensive and thoughtful providing interesting solutions to a complex challenge.

Don’t Rely on Cold Calling

Cold calling, the act of picking up the phone and ringing people that you have never made contact with before can be daunting and doesn’t fit with a deferred personality type. Although reaching out to people over the phone still does have its merits, with the availability of CRM data, Social Media and other software applications, cold calling is now not as effective as it once was.

Software such as Leado reduces the steps required to get a warm lead (someone who has shown interest in your product or service) by automating the initial prospecting process and ensuring you’re only talking to those who are interested.

Dedicate Time to Research

Build confidence before you prospect. Research thoroughly about the individuals, allowing you to be able to answer any questions that may arise. Equipping yourself with as much information as possible allows you to be at ease when the actual conversation and prospecting occurs.

Manage and Understand your Social Energy

For introverts, some kinds of social interaction can be exhausting and draining. It’s time to understand and tune in to your social energy. Which part of the day do you have the most energy? Spend this time out prospecting or making sales calls, so when you’re feeling drained, you can spend that part of the day researching. Splitting your day up prevents you from having to dedicate a whole day to approaching prospects. Spend the day researching, calling and meeting prospects, ensuring you have time to re-energise.

If you have to attend seminars or other social engagements, take lots of breaks so you’re able to recharge. Be prepared with questions ( these questions can be related to either  personal or business) just so you can keep those uncomfortable conversations over drinks going and leverage on your listening skills. If you’re wondering before the event if you should even go or not, remember these events can be highly beneficial to your career in the long run and over time, it will get easier.

Practice. Practice. Practice

Practice makes perfect. Although reaching out and interacting with strangers can be intimidating, with practice you will get better. Get a friend or colleague to practice some general conversation topics with you or rehearse how a prospective sales meeting or call could go. 

Looking for ways to avoid cold-calling and wasting time talking to people who just aren’t interested? Time to use Leado, a tool to automate your sales funnel. Using LinkedIn, Leado lets you schedule a sequence of automated messages to highly targeted leads, while still having a personal touch. Send us an email at and start working smarter today!