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Marketing & Sales Budgets: Where to Allocate them in the coming financial year

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For many businesses’, part of their marketing and sales strategy included in-person meetings and conferences. However, with the events occurring in 2020 throwing many industries marketing plans’ out the window, how do you still get leads with social distancing restrictions in place? What should the focus of your marketing budget for the next financial year be?

Over 41% of companies consider event marketing to be their main channel for lead generation. People want to connect. They want the human connection of meeting others and discussing face to face their issues and possible solutions.Currently a large proportion of sales budgets are being allocated to in-person events – approximately 81% of marketers use some sort of event marketing, whether it be conferences, trade shows or product demonstrations to gain leads. With limits on the number of people allowed at events, what are other methods that businesses can use to get leads?

Online lead generation methods are reliable and easy to modify and predict. Sales automation software, paid social media, paid search and email marketing are some of the ways that leads can be generated without having to leave the office!

Sales Automation Software

Automation softwares such as Leado, generate leads through LinkedIn, the number one professional networking website. Leado automates your sales funnel by searching potential leads based on the targeting provided and messages them for you. By removing the qualification and researching process in your funnel, your team can focus on the more important aspect – closing the leads.

Paid Social Media

We’ve all been using Facebook and Instagram for years, but did you know these platforms have the ability to generate high quality leads through paid advertising? Most marketers think of social media as a brand building platform and that advertising on it does not equate to leads. However, social media marketing is cost effective and produces results. With the ability to segment your audience, edit the times that your advertisement is shown and change your advertisement copy depending on the audience viewing it, paid social has tremendous potential to generate high quality leads while still maintaining a low cost.

Paid Search

Also known as Price Per Click (PPC) marketing, paid search is a popular and effective way to rank a website for important keywords and help get it to the top of the page. With PPC, you attract visitors that are actively searching for your product, understand what individuals are searching for and craft your ad directly towards them and the ability to track return on advertising spent right to the last dollar.

Email Marketing

Your email list is your best marketing asset. With strategies such as offering value, identifying your target audience and keeping it concise and personal, generating leads through email marketing can be efficient and cost effective. 

Interested in learning more about LinkedIn automation? Get in touch with us today! If you’d like more details about how other marketing services (paid social, paid search and email marketing) contact OMDIGI Group would love to help you out.