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Acquiring the right people to your business can be an excruciating process. 


That’s why Leado was created. Leado is used to automate sales and lead generation efforts on LinkedIn, using a dynamic range of engagement features. You’re probably wondering who can actually benefit from using Leado in the first place, right? Well, keep reading to find out more!



Since we’re talking about using LinkedIn – the world’s largest platform for professional networking, it’s really no surprise that recruiters can harness Leado’s powerful tools to attract potential candidates. All the recruitment officer has to do is connect their company’s LinkedIn profile, set their desired target audience according to the ideal candidate’s attributes, generate automated messaging and get those leads delivered to them!

Just compare this easy process to the bleak scenario faced by other recruiters – especially those who haven’t leveraged an automated lead generation software to do all the work for them in just a few clicks. Think about it – If you’re a recruiter who just made a job post on LinkedIn, or other popular websites such as Indeed, SEEK and Jora, then you’ll be guaranteed to receive hundreds of applications in just a week. 

These applications can be incredibly agonising to sift through, and finding the perfect candidate will take an enormous amount of time and effort – especially for smaller businesses who don’t have the extra resources. Reviewing all the cover letters and resumes individually. Screening and shortlisting. Then actually choosing your ideal candidate. Why not just cut to the final interview process by using Leado to automate your prospects? You’ll find the top candidate within just a few days!


Job Hunters & Networkers


On the flip side, job hunters can also use Leado to automate the job searching and application process, or gain networking prospects. In our competitive market, job seeking isn’t merely about posting your application on the company’s website and waiting for a response anymore. Nowadays, people are being more proactive in their quest to find the perfect company to work in, while networking with the top employers in their related industry on LinkedIn. 

Leado is a fantastic way to achieve these goals. This incredible tool can search and message up to 100 potential employers or recruiters a day. As someone who is looking to find the right job, or simply aiming to network with other employers in their profession or field, Leado is truly guaranteed to give you the desired outcome. 

Reaching out directly to your potential employer has never been easier – there’s no more cold-calling, email blasts or stalking for hours on LinkedIn. For these job hunters or networking professionals, all you have to do is to set up your LinkedIn profile, set your desired audience as the relevant company or industry-related employers, choose your messaging and sequences, then sit back and relax. All the leads will be delivered right at your fingertips in no time. 


 B2B – Sales Teams 

Leado can also be used by B2B sales teams to automate their LinkedIn lead generation efforts. They can attract clients outside of their network, acquire new business partnerships or suppliers, and enter new markets within just a few days. Even startups can use Leado to attract potential investors by using the various engagement features which have been integrated. 

By using Leado, your business can generate top-notch leads from businesses that you’ve always wanted to work with, while removing the tedious hunt within the traditional sales process so that your team can focus on capturing a new account. Doing business has never been so quick and simple. But you might be wondering how this sales automation process works, right? 

Firstly, you need to have an active LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account. Once that’s done, you should connect your profile to your Leado account to activate it. You can then start searching for your ideal clients using the various tools available – Leado offers filters based on location, industry, company size, title, seniority level and more. After you’ve selected the relevant filters, you can use the different engagement features such as Connection Invites, Sequential Messaging and Profile View Generator. 

Boosting your sales doesn’t have to be hard. With Leado’s effective lead automation software, you can quickly attract new customers and close that sale! Contact us now for more details.