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Kickstarting your Remote Workplace

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With the work culture shifting heavily towards virtual and remote workplaces due to the current climate, it’s more important than ever to establish transparency and trust within your workforce to ensure a smooth transition to a ‘work-from-home’ office. For many businesses, a positive work culture was already established within the business, but if transparency and trust are not already ingrained in your business, you will need to start making some changes to prevent causing yourself unnecessary roadblocks in your transition to a productive remote workplace.

Accessibility and Accountability Is Key

In order to promote productiveness and increase employee engagement, it’s important to offer the same level of accessibility to all of your employees. If different teams had different levels of access, it may be time to examine why this is the case and if it’s possible to grant the same access to all workers. With everyone across all tasks and information, it becomes much easier for employees to assist their colleagues with tasks and easily receive documents – an essential concept for a virtual team. 

Accessibility does not just apply to information however, it’s also important that employees are available and easily contactable should any problems arise. When you remove the office environment, you remove the ability to duck into the office next door and ask them their opinion, or to speak to the person sitting at a desk beside you and consult them. Here are some tips for promoting contactability and interaction within your remote team:

  • Provide a personal contact number for all your employees so there’s always one direct line of contact.
  • Schedule a daily catch-up amongst your team or your whole organisation so that any problems can be discussed as a group and your employees feel like they have an opportunity to ask for help if they require it.
  • Make sure the senior team members are easily reachable – a major roadblock towards productivity is not being able to contact a manager to get approvals or to consult as this results in a delayed response or solution.
  • Decide early on which online tool will be the primary form of office communication – It could be Google Hangouts, Skype, Slack etc but make sure there is one platform that everyone has access to and make that your primary form of communication.
  • Find a way to organise all tasks so that they’re viewable by everyone, on a platform such as Trello, Monday or Asana.

Responsibility for Your Own Work

As you transition away from a traditional office setting, there is no longer someone next to you asking ‘How are you going with that?’ and ‘When will you be finished with that task?’. It’s important to have staff able to work to their own deadlines and take responsibility for completing their tasks on time without needing that extra push. To encourage this, allow them to set their own deadlines for tasks that they can deliver on, within reason. 

One of the main questions being asked from regular office workers and employers in regards to remote workplaces is ‘How do I know if my team is even working?’ While a large part of this relies on the employees you chose and the built trust, it’s important to make sure there is open communication so no one is unsure of a task. While it’s completely unrealistic to expect each employee to complete their tasks at the same place, it’s also a good idea to have some way of tracking how much is getting done. An easy way to do this is with an online organisation tool as mentioned above, where all employees have access to the information – if some members are working far ahead and others can see that, it encourages productivity in the group as a whole.

While managing a virtual team can be a challenge, there are plenty of online tools out there to increase productivity and streamline your remote work processes. If you’re managing a remote sales team and looking for a way to increase productivity and drive more leads, Leado is here to help! Get your sales team chasing the relevant leads and eliminate cold calling and time spent discovering potential leads in order to boost your success rates! Contact us today to see how Leado can help grow your business.