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How to Optimise your Leado Campaign

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Generating leads through LinkedIn can be a difficult and a time-consuming process – even for hardened professionals, recruiters and sales teams. 

Luckily, Leado is an automated software solution that has been created for your convenience, using your LinkedIn profile to effectively reach out to your potential clients. In a nutshell, this tool lets you schedule a sequence of automated messages that manage the top of funnel approach to your sales process. 

However, while Leado does save you a lot of time and headaches during the sales prospecting process, it’s important to consistently optimise your Leado campaign to yield stronger results and capture more sales. Here’s how you can optimise your Leado Campaign below! 

A/B testing

A/B testing refers to the process of comparing two versions of a marketing asset (e.g. landing page, email copy, etc.) and measuring the variations in performance. You can conduct this by giving one version to one group and the second version to another. This can help you make more informed decisions when it comes to optimising your digital assets. 

When optimising your Leado campaign, A/B testing is crucial. Leado allows you to have multiple campaigns so that you can compare AB test messaging, similar to a Facebook or Google ads campaign. For example, you can test which versions of your Linkedin InMail subject line, personalised greeting or CTA works better. 

To evaluate your response rate, you can go to the campaign section of your menu. A response rate of 10% or above in a standard campaign is usually expected, yet this differs by industry. Generally, response rates can be hard to determine until the campaign is complete, since most people tend to respond on the second or third message. 


Once you have filtered your ideal prospects, Leado allows you to select the desired level of automation and engagement, providing you with relevant features like Connection Invites, Sequential Messaging, Free InMails, Twitter Engagement or Profile View Generator. 

An important aspect of optimising your Leado campaign involves sequential messaging. Many brands and organisations use sequential messaging to tell an intriguing story that compels the desired audience to convert over time. This allows you to form a more powerful connection with the user that evolves throughout the conversion process. 

Through your Leado campaign, your high-quality leads or ideal prospects can be shown a sequence of LinkedIn ads, personalised messages and InMails, designed to resonate with them and persuade them to convert. This could include more captivating subject lines, personalised greetings, brief and engaging content, outlining relevant benefits, and powerful CTAs. 

Linkedin Profile

It only takes a few minutes to start automating your LinkedIn outreach with Leado. Remember that to access Leado and to start optimising your campaigns, you need an active LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account, which is highly recommended due to its more advanced filtering capabilities. 

Once you’ve successfully activated Leado, you can start searching for your ideal customers using LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator tools. You can filter by Location, Industry, Company size, Title, Seniority Level, Company Size and much more. 

Optimising your LinkedIn Profile is a great way to boost your Leado campaign and generate higher leads. There are various ways to optimise your LinkedIn Company Page, from using a professional profile image and banner, crafting Showcase Pages, writing a compelling About Us section with relevant keywords, building a career page, collecting endorsements and displaying your various offered services in key fields.  

Acceptance Rate

As mentioned above, optimising your business’s Linkedin profile and messaging sequences allows you to gain a higher acceptance, response and conversion rate. 

With your Linkedin profile, you should consider whether your job title, description and attachments all lead to pulling people down the sales funnel. For instance, we have found that people with sales related job titles don’t perform as well as a ‘Key Account Manager’, and senior positions usually perform best.

Some additional suggestions to maximise your acceptance rate by leveraging your LinkedIn Profile include: posting relevant industry news and updates, featuring your professional memberships or associations, showcasing awards and certifications, filling out all sections of your profile, gathering written testimonials from clients and vendors, and building your network through connection requests. 

Acceptance rates do vary depending on several factors like industry and timing, but you should be aiming for at least a 25% acceptance rate as a rough indicator. 

Conversion Rate

Unfortunately we currently do not have capability to automatically calculate the conversion rate within Leado but we do recommend measuring this as a core metric and adjusting your campaign accordingly. 

To measure your conversion rate, calculate the number of people who have received your last message (hover over the sequence bar) and divide this number by your booked leads, etc. Leado can not provide a benchmark for conversion rates as this would heavily depend on the audience, and the allocated ‘conversion’ i.e meeting, event registration or phone chat. 

If you are struggling to measure or optimise your conversion rate please reach out to your Leado account manager – don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more details! 

Get Leads Delivered To You!

The benefits of integrating Leado tools into your lead generation process can add immense value to your pipeline. Using this incredible cloud-based software, you can acquire customers outside of your network and enter new markets within days.

Optimising your Leado campaign means that you can reach your desired audience much more quickly and effectively – yet this can be an overwhelming process for many beginners. That’s why Leado enables you to get access to Email Support, 1-on-1 Strategy Calls and a dedicated Account Manager to get the most out of your campaign. Contact us for more info!