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How Sales Teams are Adapting to the Current Business Climate

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It’s not exactly a normal month, or even a normal year for marketing and sales teams in this current global climate, but targets never sleep. With a number of companies relying on conferences and exhibits to generate business leads, it’s time to adapt your strategy – and your marketing budget – to other channel’s where you can reach your target audience.

From a 2018 Marketing Spend Decision Report, we can learn that companies estimate their marketing budget allocation is devoted primarily to B2B exhibitions (40%) with a sprinkle of B2C (7%) and corporate events (5%).

While many businesses love a conference and splurge on the events which allow them to make in-person connections, the current global climate has put a stop to gatherings and large crowds, effectively halting your regular form of lead generation and business connection. With such a large chunk of a companies budget being allocated to in-person events, more businesses than ever are turning their attention to digital marketing platforms to make connections and generate leads from the comfort of their working-from-home office.

If your in-person exhibitors are working from home, now may be a good time to review your digital strategy and look out for new ways to increase your led generation and get your business seen by your target audience. Despite your events being cancelled, you still have targets to meet and KPIs to hit so finding a way to make new connections and spread knowledge of your business as efficiently as possible is key right now.

With many marketers looking for areas to cut back on their budgets, your business can benefit from moving toward more cost-effective digital platforms. If you haven’t fully taken advantage of digital marketing in the past, it may be time to take these bonuses of digital marketing into consideration given the current climate:

  • It requires no face-to-face interaction
  • It is entirely measurable.
  • It can be done from home.

It is a simple task to get a solid picture of your ROI and what is returning the highest quality leads from your digital strategy – plus an overview of how much these leads are actually costing you. Now might be the time for your sales team to try out previously overlooked systems such as Sales Automation Software so they can spend their time following up the hot leads instead of spending long hours on the actual lead gen process – spend more time reaching out to your prospective clients and let them know you value them. 

If you’re looking to delve further into digital lead generation and business growth, Leado has a solution for you. If you have an existing sales team and want to set them on a path to success, Leado can provide a client-managed automation software that enables your team to secure new connections to keep driving your sales. If you’re new to lead generation but looking for a new avenue to explore in the current climate, Leado also offers Managed plans, where we secure you new contacts, reach out to them with pre-approved messaging and then educate and advertise to them with the goal of setting up a meeting or call.