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How do you build on an existing Linkedin Lead Generation Strategy?

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So, you’ve sorted out your approach to your LinkedIn Strategy, now what? What else could you be doing to increase your brand’s online presence and leads? With the internet bringing everyone closer and creating a connection to a wider audience, increasing your online presence is crucial in helping your potential customers find you while using other methods of marketing could provide a more rounded marketing strategy. We’ve listed some options below on what we believe you should be doing along with your LinkedIn automation!

Increase Digital Presence

A digital presence simply refers to how your business appears online. It includes content that you can control, such as your social media and website along with content you can’t control such as online reviews. So what are some ways to increase online presence and present a better brand image on the web?

  • Website optimisation: More than 90% of customers search for products and services online before purchasing. Not having a website means you’re making it hard for potential customers to know about your products or services or just even that you exist. Create a website and optimise it to make sure it loads quickly, is easily accessible on mobile, and simple to use.
  • Business Blog: With the content you create for your blog, you can share it on every online channel available which can greatly assist in raising awareness about your brand. Make sure the content is well written, engaging, and relevant to your target. Topic suggestions include how to use your product, why your product or service is useful, why it is different to other competitors, or how your product can solve a potential customer’s problems. Regularly updating your blog to ensure information is relevant and fresh will improve your SEO rankings and work towards a goal of higher website traffic, while also attracting leads and increasing conversion rates.
  • Social Media: Be present on social media. Research to see where your target audience is spending their time and create content for those outlets! Different platforms have different advantages with Snapchat and Instagram being ideal places to display new products and upload snippets of video content, whereas Twitter is great for up to date stories and news. Create valuable content and reply to every comment to create great customer engagement.

Use a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agencies are focused on results based marketing. With their expertise, they can help you increase your business through other lead generation methods, such as Facebook or lead magnets as well as improving your digital presence through improved SEO. If you’re receiving emails from prospects, make sure you’re providing these to your agency so they’re able to retarget relevant content to them and learn from the customers interested in your product! 

If you’ve got your Linkedin automation sorted, why not contact OMDIGI Group and get chatting about how a digital marketing agency can help your business with lead generation!