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You may have some questions in your mind, so here are a few FAQs from our customers.
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Leado is a software solution that uses your LinkedIn profile to reach out to your potential Clients.  It lets you schedule a sequence of automated messages that manage the top of funnel approach to your sales process.

We support you in setting up your account and crafting those messages that will get the results you need.  If you want us to fully support your campaigns, so that you just get the leads, we can do that too.  We want you to succeed so we always go the extra mile.

GDPR doesn’t affect the LinkedIn outreach and messaging campaigns, so whilst your other marketing communications could be severely curtailed, this tool ensures that you can run fully compliant campaigns.

Every LinkedIn account is limited to 100 invites sent in a 24-hour period. After reaching this limit, you will be required to enter a Captcha for each invite that you’re sending that day. Sending 100 invites/day with a new account may be too much! We recommend sending up to 20-35 invites per 24 hours. You can increase this limit up to 50 after 2 weeks and then increase up to 100 in another month. Also, having too many unaccepted invites can raise a flag on your account and LinkedIn might require you to enter the contact’s email in order to connect with them.

You can test this tool using a Free LinkedIn account, however due to the number of your profile views and profile searches you will be severely limited on a free account. You will need to upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account to fully benefit from the all the features. We recommend LinkedIn Sales Navigator as the filtering options are superior to LinkedIn Premium.

Each profile and business is different, however all businesses need exposure, visibility and to stay in front of their ideal prospects. The look-back rates that we’re seeing can range between 2-14%, with an average of 9%. Many of the people who look back at your profile will send you a connection request, but can also visit your website and engage directly with you. By using the Auto-Connect, Free InMails or Sequential Messaging feature, you’ll be able to continuously reach out to new prospects, all on auto-pilot, which will guarantee a steady stream of leads every day, while exponentially growing your professional network.

LinkedIn has certain activity limits, such as 1000 profile views or 1500 page views per day. This tool takes these and other factors into consideration and ensures that the connection requests and messages are sent within random time intervals inside your schedule, to better emulate human behavior. There are also limits to the number of actions per day to ensure the safety of your account.

Leado is not another Chrome extension that you need to install in your browser, but a cloud-based software that allows you to fully automate your LinkedIn outreach campaigns, without being dependant on your device or internet connection once set up.

We’re based in Sydney, Australia.

We are always looking for exceptional people to join our team so get in touch and we would love to chat further!

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